Give Back

We love to give back as much as we can in our community. Recently one of our team members packed her car full of blankets and pillowcases to donate to a great cause.  She took along her little ones to help deliver all these amazing products to the Ronald MacDonald House in Salt Lake City,  UT.
Why did we choose to donate over $1,000 worth of products to Ronald McDonald House (RMDH) and not another charity right now??
That team member that just took all the products has a special relationship with the RDMH. She and her husband adopted a baby in Las Vegas over a year ago.
Their new little baby was a preemie and had to stay in the NICU for 2 months. 
Fortunately, they were able to stay at the RMH in Las Vegas until their new daughter was healthy enough to be brought home. They were beyond grateful for this amazing organization and everything they do to help families like theirs during tough times. 
Because they treated our team member so great, we will always be giving back to RMDH house in the future. The staff at RMDH was super excited to get our products.
Being that we don’t know the specific names of the children, we decided to put adjectives that are sure to describe these sweet children who are going through some big challenges:  Brave, Beautiful, Strong, Amazing, Lovable, etc.   
We will continue to give back,  especially at the RMDH.  Let us know if you have any suggestions on great charities that would love to benefit from our products.