Give Back

Our Goal is Simple :  To Create Smiles 

Because of your support we are able to donate our products to those who need a smile.  YOU are creating smiles.  


March 2020 

A week before the Coronavirus hit the US, Personalize2 was able to attend and be part of an event that helped raise money for the Future Scholars of Africa Organization.  We donated over $600 dollars in products by making these blankets and pillowcases with their logo.  We were very fortunate to be part of this event.  


December 2019 -  
Have you heard of Lifting Hands International?  They provide humanitarian aid to refugees, both at home and abroad.  They are an amazing organization and I'm so glad we found them.  We were able to donate almost 100 large blankets, 25 small blankets, and 70 pillowcases.  Over $6,000 of products that will be used all over the world.  We are so happy to help these refugees have soft blankets and pillowcases!!  
October 2019 -  (about team member - Annie)  
My family had the opportunity to go back to the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House.  After more than 2 years were excited to see everyone that was so amazing to us when we stayed there for two months.  Because of you we were able to donate many blankets, pillowcases, and capes to the brave kids that need a simple smile.  
June 2018 - Salt Lake City Ronald McDonald House 
Recently I (Annie) packed my car full of kids, tons of blankets and pillowcases to donate to a great cause.  My little ones helped deliver all these amazing products to the Ronald MacDonald House in Salt Lake City,  UT.
Why did I choose to donate over $1,000 worth of products to Ronald McDonald House (RMDH) and not another charity right now??
I have a very special relationship with the RDMH. My husband and I adopted a baby in Las Vegas over a year ago.
She was a preemie and had to stay in the NICU for 2 months. 
Fortunately, we were able to stay at the RMH in Las Vegas until she was healthy enough to be brought home. We are beyond grateful for this amazing organization and everything they do to help families like theirs during tough times. 
Because they treated us so great, we will always be giving back to RMDH house in the future.  Being that we don’t know the specific names of the children, we decided to put adjectives that are sure to describe these sweet children who are going through some big challenges:  Brave, Beautiful, Strong, Amazing, Lovable, etc.   
March 2018 - Animal Shelter -
Even the cats and dogs need blankets.  We were able to donate bags full of blankets and towels to Layton City Humane Society.  They are always grateful for the donation and I know those dogs and cats will be comfortable on our super soft blankets.  Once they get adopted they get to take the blanket to their new home.  
We will continue to give back.  Let us know if you have any suggestions on great charities that would love to benefit from our products.